Redmond O'Mahony - Project Director

Hi, my name is Redmond. I'm an Irish Physiotherapist with over seven years’ experience working in clinics in both Ireland & New Zealand. Over that time, I noticed that paperwork was overly time consuming. I would often spend my lunch break completing the mornings paperwork and regularly stay back after work completing my notes. I have used paper-based notes, Word documents, google docs, and various practice management systems for keeping clinical records. I felt that there had to be a more efficient solution. So three years ago I decided to try and solve this problem and PhysioNotes was born. This system was developed with the aim of providing a cost effective, easy to use, and time saving solution for small physiotherapy practices.

With PhysioNotes, we are committed to improving the treatment room process. We are not a practice management company; we’ll leave this to the experts! We aim to work with these companies to improve the treatment room experience.

This is our Beta launch for PhysioNotes. Go ahead, sign up and take a look, let us know what you think. We aim to be ultra-responsive to feedback so we can improve the system with features that are important to you.

James O'Mahony - Solutions Engineer

Hi, I'm James. I'm an IT engineer with over 5 years experience working for large multinational companies, focusing primarily on system support and design. I've been working with Redmond over the past 3 years on delivering a treatment room product unlike any other on the market - that is fast, powerful and complies with data protection legislation both in Ireland and overseas.

It is super important to me that the service is always on, secure and compliant with all regulations. Cloud based products are fairly new and with that there is a lack of trust in areas such as security. I am confident that not only will we meet all requirements, we will exceed them.

Check out some interesting IT blogs on our blog page. Areas of focus include legal issues with medical data, security of your devices and general issues as they come up. I really want them to be accessible to all, so for the really technically savvy guys out there, if you want more detail on any topics please post a comment.